Wherever a verbatim record is needed, JAVS Suite 8 AV management software delivers.

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Built for Windows 10 and beyond, Suite 8 brings high resolution and custom scaling to all user interfaces. From confidence monitoring to on-screen visual indicators for all audio connections JAVS Suite 8 provides information about all your audio and video sources through the same interface used for your logging and indexing needs. Customizable mode creation makes routing and muting AV around your room as easy as the press of a button.

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JAVS Suite 8 AV Management Software


JAVS Suite 8 Device Platforms


JAVS Suite 8 Features:

• Confidence Monitoring
Confidence Monitoring allows a user to listen and/or view directly from the recorded file while recording via the Monitor Tool to ensure the audio/video is being recorded correctly.

• Windows 10 compatible
Suite 8 also takes advantage of Windows 10’s inherent scaling features, allowing you to scale the user interface even on high-resolution monitors.

• Suite 8 supports the recording of 12 audio channels and full HD video

• HDMI Output
Each Recorder has an HDMI output that can configure to display a clock with the current Recorder Time, a custom logo like a state Seal, or the Review output if Advanced Review has added to the system. Each Recorder can be configured with a custom logo for display on its HDMI output.  When used in conjunction with the JAVS Centro HDX, this logo can be configured to display in place of the standard “clock” output.

• Responsive design allows users to zoom in and out of the text within applications based on your personal preferences to see and use the tools that are important to you

• Advanced Review
The Advanced Review license will enable the ability to display the media in the Review Window to a presentation output. A “Display for Audience” button will allow a user to turn the video on or off for the room quickly. A user can also select a segment of the media file and only play that section if desired. Speed controls and audio channel controls are also available to help with navigation of the media file.

• iPhone, Android, and Mac playback of JAVS recordings with MP4 recording formats
Suite 8 utilizes MP4 based media file types for audio/video recording.  As a modern file type, MP4 will play and/or stream natively to most web based devices.

• Presentation On The Record Button
The “Presentation OTR” button will override the audio/video source on the Record Output with the current Presentation Source instead. Presentation OTR can only be activated when a Presentation Mode is currently active.

• Multiple recording resolutions to meet any agency’s needs

• Translations
Suite 8 can be configured for multiple languages, even allowing for the use of more than one language at the same time.

• Scheduled archiving for automated backups to local storage

• External Clock Integration
Suite 8 allows an external clock to be connected to the JAVS Recorder to display the current time whenever a recording is active.

Tools with JAVS Suite 8 AV management software below:


JAVS Autolog 8
This user-friendly session-logging software allows you to control the JAVS Recorder and the JAVS Centro HDX processor. Easily start and stop multiple recorders and create a log of events for each recording session complete with date and time stamp. New record indicators and names with titles incorporated into the main toolbar.

JAVS Finder 8
Finder is a web-based search utility designed to locate record sessions. It offers a fast search option that locates recent sessions today, this week, last week, etc. Search results can quickly be narrowed by multiple criteria. A thumbnail of the video is also displayed to help users quickly identify the record they are searching for.

MRA has been given an entire facelift from previous versions. MRA offers the user the convenience to be able to log in to multiple locations from a single computer. MRA can log, schedule, and publish record sessions for multiple locations from a single user device and location.

JAVS Scheduler 8
Scheduler 8 gives you even more control of the courtroom. With this software, you can schedule sessions for any date and at any location using a network-connected computer. Start and stop a recording automatically at a specific time, reschedule a session, or copy schedules to another date with just a few clicks.

JAVS Site Manager 8
Set up and manage site and user information for all recording locations with MRA 8  a user is able to log in to multiple locations from a single computer. There are new recording settings such as a capacity calculator and you can activate a recording license within the software.

JAVS Publisher 8
Publisher 8 has a responsive design that is more readable and user-friendly.  A user can create a catalog of session files, then publish them to a new location with this software. Control how your recordings are published by choosing the desired output for your files with summary reports.

JAVS Viewer 8
This session-viewing software allows you to open all previous JAVS log and media files.  A user can play, pause, fast forward, rewind a session, monitor and control audio levels as well. A user can also view any events created in AutoLog 7. Viewer 8 also has a full-screen video pop-out option too.