HD Video Switching

JAVS Centro-HDX brings 12 channels of professional 1080P HD video switching and routing to courtrooms. Fully switched video, picture-in-picture, multi-view layouts and more are routable to the 6 HD-SDI and 3 HDMI outputs.

Centro-HDX enhances video conferencing and the video routing in evidence presentation systems.  Deliver production quality HD video to courtroom participants in the room and to remote participants on video calls.

All video signals in the courtroom can now be managed from a single unit. Provide a more lifelike clarity and detail to your video conferencing, remote interpretation, digital recording and evidence presentation systems.

Full HD Digital Video Switcher

With 16:9 HD aspect ratio, the Centro-HDX full HD digital video switcher meets the AV needs of any modern-day courtroom.

HD Video Conferencing

This feature has the capability to deliver more than 6 times the resolution to improve the quality of remote appearances.

Private Mode

Mutes all public audio and video outputs for a private conversation to occur - while adding white noise, if desired, all with a touch of a button.

Scalable and Configurable

The Centro-HDX switching solution accommodates up to 12 video inputs and 9 video outputs.

Visualize Clarity

Centro Front Panel

Top 3 Reasons to Have an HD Courtroom 


HD is the standard.  All commercially available monitors are already HD capable and in the 16:9 aspect ratio. If you have standard definition video in your courtroom and HD monitors, you can get stretched video or pillars on the side of a standard definition video image. Stretched video can distort evidence being presented to juries, while pillars on your monitor now drop your 70” monitor into a 52” diagonal viewing space.  You are still being charged full price, even though you are only using 75% of the available image space.


All the video devices being brought into a courtroom are using HD already.  Whether you are video conferencing, or presenting evidence, these technologies utilize a widescreen format. Not only will these technologies fill up your screens and monitors fully, they will no longer require conversion boxes and signal adapters. This means less equipment and fewer points of failure.


Higher resolution recordings. Previously JAVS recordings provided a 320x240 pixel space. With resolutions in the 1280x720 pixel space you are viewing at 12 times the clarity and resolution.