The JAVS Recorder 8 AIO
Full HD Digital Recording for Any Courtroom

Recorder 8 AIO is a network-enabled, hardware recording appliance with both analog and digital video capture capabilities. The base units are available in stereo or multichannel audio. Upgrades to 720P or 1080P can activate via software for HD and full HD recording capabilities.

Customers with an existing JAVS analog video system can now wisely invest in a new platform that will allow them to move into a digital HD capture solution that is much more accessible than ever before.

Recorder 8 can be configured to auto-archive its recordings to a specified location after a recording is completed or configured. Recorder 8 has built-in confidence monitoring so you can ensure you are delivering high-quality recordings.

Video recording in 4:3 for analog systems, or 16:9 for widescreen formats to deliver impressive video quality. Built-in on-screen time date stamps, microphone activity, and system mode information are captured when connected to JAVS audio processors.

JAVS application programming interface (API) allows you to develop your software integrations into the JAVS Recorder 8. With the API, you can push data from your database or content management system (CMS) into the JAVS Recorder at the time of recording and remove the need to enter schedules manually.


  • Full HD digital recording for any courtroom
  • Digital and analog video capabilities
  • Recorder 8 AIO has more than 4,000 hours of recording capability
  • JAVS API allows you to develop software integrations into JAVS Recorder 8
  • Built-in on-screen time/date stamps, microphone activity & system mode info are captured when connected to JAVS audio processors
  • Confidence monitoring
  • Recorder 8 AIO  is CMS integration-ready with the JAVS API

The JAVS Recorder 8 AIO

JAVS Recorder 8 AIO Rear View - Model No. JAV-REC8-SD-S and the JAVS Recorder 8 AIO MARC Rear View - Model No. JAV-REC8-SD-M

Recorder 8 AIO Wireframe