The AV Transition from Analog to Digital

By Brian Green // JAVS VP of Operations

Analog sunset is a term used when referencing how audio video elements within a room no longer work with newer digital components.

Courtroom AV, being a specialized subset of general AV solutions, has been somewhat sheltered from change. While analog capabilities haven’t quite disappeared, the continuously expanding feature set of digital AV solutions—as well as the emergence of distributed IT networks—has changed the pace of technology forever, and analog circuits are simply too outmoded to keep up.

Brian Green takes a look at the idea of a “modern courtroom” and the challenges faced by todays Judges, Courtroom Administrators, and court personnel when it comes to integrating digital equipment into this traditionally analog environment. Download the white paper today and join the discussion online.

About the Author

Brian Green \\ VP of Operations \\ Justice AV Solutions
Brian Green has vast experience in AV design, government procurement processes, strategic planning, and business work flow design. He is recognized as a Certified Technology Specialist with AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association in AV design and integration. He has also held additional roles including VP Manufacturing, Sales Director, Director of Engineering R&D, Product Manager, Lead Design Team Engineer, Shipping Clerk, and Installer.

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