Digital Recording & AV Integration

From portable audio recording to fully-integrated digital courtroom recording and more, JAVS is the trusted AV provider for over 10,000 installations worldwide.

Digital Courtroom Recording

Whether as an official court record, or as an aid for court reporters, thousands of courts across the world use JAVS recording systems for cost-effective digital courtroom recordings.

Multi-Channel Audio Capture
For meeting rooms and courts that don't need video as part of their record, JAVS has cost-effective solutions to match just about every budget from 2 microphones to 24 and more...
Portable HD Audio

Handheld recording devices have their limitations and don't always offer the highest recording quality. JAVS Recorder Deck offers both a portable and reliable recording solutions on the go.

Tele/Video Conferencing

Travel is costly.  Provide an alternate means for inmates, witnesses, guest speakers, or attendees to have the highest degree of interaction without physically being onsite.

Evidence Presentation

Evidence presentation can make or break a case.  Our custom-built kiosks are made for physical and digital media presentations, and feed directly into our digital recorders.

Unparalleled Support

Our team stands behind our products - with a host of service technicians and live helpdesk support we can help you through just about any issue you may experience.

The JAVS Philosophy

At JAVS, we believe that it is everyone's basic, universal right to have an open, transparent society. The only way to preserve that right is through an accurate and accessible audio/video record of due process.

Choosing the right microphone for your digital recording
Picking the Right Microphone: A Guide for Judges and Courts

Every courtroom is unique and has specific needs when it comes to outfitting the perfect audio or audio/video equipment for the room. We believe, the process of choosing the microphones that are best for your courtroom...

why video is important in a digital recording of the court record
Capturing Nonverbal Communication

In “Getting the Whole Story: Why Capturing Nonverbal Communication is an Important Part of the Video Court Record,” Helling writes, “Discrepancies can exist between written transcripts of a court hearing as different court reporters ...

what millenials expect in a courtroom digital recording system

Millennial Expectations of Transparency in the Courtroom

In the white paper, “Millennial Expectations of Transparency in the Courtroom,” Julie Helling explores this idea. In it she writes, “Advances in technology mean that it is easy to capture court proceedings digitally...

why is digital recording important in courts

Savings & Satisfaction: Making the Video Court Record

Like court systems everywhere, the Kentucky Court of Justice struggled in the early 1980s with the usual suspects--"growing caseloads, excessive delays, tight budgets, and increasing costs for litigants." Driven by...