Picking the Right Microphone: A Guide for Judges and Court Personnel.

Every courtroom is unique and has specific needs when it comes to outfitting the perfect audio or audio/video equipment for the room. We believe, the process of choosing the microphones that are best for your courtroom, should be easy for any Judge or court personnel.

In the white paper, "Picking the Right Microphone for Court Recording: A Guide for Judges and Court Personnel" Julie Helling offers a guide to help Judges and court personnel select the best microphone for their courtroom. The audio system in a courtroom has an important and specialized job. That's why JAVS is committed to providing custom audio solution to fit the needs of every courtroom.

Download the white paper here to read the full guide to choosing the right microphones.

Excerpt from the Executive Summary

When selecting microphones for the courtroom, it is easy to get lost in the technical details. This guide explains in plain English for judges and court personnel what is truly important in selecting microphones for an audio or audio/video system to ensure an accurate and complete record of court proceedings.