JAVS | Suite 7

Digital Audio/Video Capture System

JAVS Suite 7 encompasses all of the software and hardware required for professionals to create, manage, publish, and view the complete, permanent record of typical meeting scenarios, including courtroom proceedings, business meetings, and classroom settings.

Suite 7 is the culmination of our best-of-breed software solutions integrated in a self-hosted environment.  Drawing from our 35+ years of courtroom recording experience, we have worked with judges, court administrators, clerks, court reporters and others to create a robust bundle of features that are sure to handle whatever voice recording situation you throw at it. 

Standard File Formats

Uses Windows Media Video as a standard File Format, allowing any Windows PC in the world to play the Audio/Video files created by Recorder 7.


Automatic Failover between all Recorders connected to a System, and Safe Mode allows the System to continue recording even if connection to the Database is lost.

Security Features

256bit AES Encryption protects files from being accessed during file transfer across the Network, and Enhanced Standards-based SFTP Security restricts unauthorized access to cases.

User Management

Multiple Users can Log and Control the System at one time, from any location on the Network and still receive the Audio/Video for the selected Location (requires IP Audio/Video Encoder).

Advanced Search

Advanced Search lets a User search any relevant field in the database and includes multiple filters to quickly narrow a Search.

Control Center

The optional ControlCenter allows Users to control the basic System functions from a Touch Screen interface, removing the need for a keyboard and mouse.