Centralize session information with Server 7.

Server 7 Features:

• Connect all JAVS Premier Line products
• Software-based enterprise database management solutions
• Manage and store all your JAVS recordings and links in one place
• Scheduling and selective archival with email notifications
• Server 7 integrates session information, so that all recordings pass from location to location with all information intact
• A centralized database allows for greater management of redundancy, failover, and backup
• All user and group settings stored at the server level, you can easily setup user rights for the entire network
• Server 7 can be installed on any enterprise-grade server running Microsoft SQL 2005/2008
• Server 7 seemlessly integrates with BookShelf 7, an EnterpriseLevel Session Archive solution designed specifically for JAVS Suite 7

* We also recommend adding Finder 7 to your solution! Finder 7 is a web-based search utility that allows authorized users to locate specific recorded sessions. Sessions can be searched quickly by entering multiple criteria. A thumbnail of the video is presented to allow the user to quickly identify if it is the record they are searching for.