Display high quality A/V recordings with the help of Review 7.

A/V files can be loaded ahead of time, and simply pressing a button will initiate the review. Users have complete control over when an audience sees the review.

Review 7 is a self-contained, network-enabled, dedicated add-on recording appliance specifically designed to display high-quality digital recordings on a connected projector or monitor to an audience.

Review 7 connects directly to JAVS’ Centro A/V processor, capturing the live meeting in a secure, standards-based, digital multimedia stereo file. Locate a specific record segment via the JAVS session logging and control software known as AutoLog 7 or through ControlCenter 7, JAVS’ touchscreen interface. Simply press a button to initiate the review. You have complete control over when an audience sees it.

Review 7 works in conjunction with JAVS’ Recorder 7, serving as a backup recorder. Due to the large file sizes, Review 7 can perform an automated disk cleanup to remove old recordings as the internal storage fills up.