Remote Interpretation

Do you need the ability to provide remote interpretation in your courtrooms or meeting spaces? Let us help you design a system that can handle the demand and unique requirements brought about by offering remote interpretation service to your participants.

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The justice, information, rulings, or comments you provide mean nothing if the person you are talking to doesn't speak your language.

If you need to provide translation services to those in attendance for your proceedings, you need to consider a remote interpretation-ready system. We at JAVS have experience setting up and maintaining these types of systems for courtrooms, meeting rooms, and government hearing rooms. Contact us today to receive your free AV consultation.

How Does It All Work?

For a high level view, let's take a look at what how this service works for a JAVS AV integration:

  1. Microphones, like the JAVS FlexMic, in your room will pick up the spoken word and transmit it into an AV processor, such as the JAVS Centro, or P412.
  2. The AV processor is connnected, via an internet connection, to a cloud service that allows an interpreter to listen to the audio being captured in real-time.
  3. The interpreter speaks the translation into his or her microphone.
  4. That audio is sent back to the cloud service and transmitted back to the AV processor in your room in real-time.
  5. The AV processor then routes the audio to an output or outputs of your choice.

Typically, the person in need of translation will wear headsets that allow them to hear the interpreter at all times.  The room admin, should be able to easily mute and unmute the interpreter's voice on the PA system in the room, therefore allowing the interpretation of your non-english speaking participant to be heard by everyone in attendance when needed.

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