Capture your proceeding with this dedicated HD recording appliance.

A dedicated HD recording appliance designed to work seamlessly within Suite 7 and provides an upgrade path to Suite 8.

Recorder 8 HD is a network-enabled, hardware recording appliance designed specifically for dedicated HD audio and video recording.  Recorder 8 not only captures HD audio and video events but verifies their authenticity with built-in OSD generation for time/date stamp.  When connected to a JAVS audio processor, microphone tallies and system mode information is also embedded into the video to provide on-screen system information to all users.

Capable of recording in any 16:9 aspect ratio with stereo or multichannel audio recording, the Recorder 8 HD captures wide-screen video formats to deliver impressive video quality. Every record session is either  720p, 540p, or 360p to provide the best resolution size needed for review.

The application programming interface (API) allows you to develop your own software/hardware to integrate with Recorder 8. With the API, you can push data from your database systems into the JAVS database at the time of recording or have control over the recorder in your own applications.