Capture live meetings with Recorder 7.

Recorder 7 is a self-contained, network-enabled, dedicated recording appliance designed specifically for digital recording. Having a dedicated recording device does two important things:

JAVS digital av recorder
  • It prevents recording errors due to third-party software.
  • It allows you to control the device from multiple locations.

Front panel controls make operating this device a cinch, and the LCD display clearly indicates record status. Sessions can be configured for either stereo audio or up to five separate channels of audio. Recorder 7 records in a secure environment with the option of data encryption. Multiple recorders can be used in a system to provide fault tolerance in the event that a recorder fails. After live sessions are recorded, files are stored on Record 7's internal hard drive.

Key Features

  • Network enabled, professional hardware recording appliance
  • Records and stores all Session Files to an internal hard drive
  • Front panel controls and record status indicators
  • Enhanced File Security including SFTP and optional data encryption
  • Improved Fault Tolerance with Automatic Failover (requires Server 7), Safe Mode, Enhanced Write Filtering, and Audio/Video Processor Detection
  • Application Programming Interface (API) allows customers to develop their own software/hardware to integrate with Recorder 7.