Portable Solution. Powerful Results.

JAVS newest portable audio recording solution, the JAVS Laptop Recorder, is sleek and lightweight, making it effortlessly portable. Take it anywhere, set it up in seconds, and never miss a moment in the courtroom. Simply connect it to your USB audio device, and you are ready to capture crystal clear audio effortlessly. You can add a camera to the Laptop Recorder to capture all activities in your room. You can now easily record in the field and bring your recordings back for export on your enterprise JAVS system.

Laptop Recorder - JAVS Portable Audio Recording Solution

 JAVS Portable Audio Recording allows for Courts to take their JAVS capture tools in the field for impromptu or remote temporary capturing of sessions.  When recording is complete the Portable Audio Recording PC is placed on the Court’s IT network and all sessions can be loaded into the Court’s enterprise database and archived.

Laptop Recorder Diagram

*Audio-Only Option (Laptop Recorder, P306B, & 4 Flex Mics) Weighing Only 7 lbs. Items sold separately. 

Depending on your preference of recording, you will want to connect your USB audio mixer (P306B, or your designated USB audio mixer) to your Laptop Recorder. Depending on how many channels you are wanting to record, the JAVS P306B is perfect for recording up to 6 different channels of audio.

As seen in the diagram, you have the ability to connect 6 JAVS FlexMics to your P306B. The JAVS FlexMic is purposefully designed for courtroom recording and the perfect boundary-style microphone to capture a crystal-clear record. The JAVS FlexMic has built in LED speech indicators that light up when speaking or when placed on mute, along with 6 different polar patterns of your choosing.