JAVS Nimble Portable Audio Recording

Portable Design

Nimble is your portable digital recording solution. Obtain clearer and more accurate recordings in virtually any situation or setting when paired with our custom-designed NimbleMic.

Simply connect the Nimble to your computer via the included USB cable, set out your microphones, and you’re ready to record. Easy-to-use with maximum flexibility, this portable USB audio interface is a perfect companion to our NoteWise logging and recording solution.

Six individual microphone inputs

Looking for a portable solution to get clearer and more accurate digital recordings of depositions, meetings in judges’ chambers, or council meetings? Nimble has you covered. This portable audio interface needs a simple USB to connect to a controlling computer. Nimble, with its convenient carrying case, makes digital recording, with up to six microphones, on-the-go a cinch with:

  • Audio recording identification
  • Mutable NimbleMics with visual indication
  • Compatibility with other microphones including standard PC mics
  • Configurable pre-amp adjustments

Although Nimble can be used with other applications, combining it with JAVS NoteWise allows it to be used to its full potential.

Nimble - 6 Audio Inputs

NimbleMic Features

  • Standard 3.5mm T/R/R/S connector
  • Compatible with standard PC mic input
  • RGB Switch Configurable Indicator Light
  • Touch Capacitive, Programmable push button for Push Once to Talk, Hold to Talk, Push Once to Mute, or Hold to Mute
  • MEMS Omnidirectional microphone
  • Powered directly from Nimble
  • RFI and ESD protection
  • Shock-absorbing foam pad
  • RoHS compliant