High-Quality Portable Recording

The JAVS Core Line offers an affordable, versatile, and portable audio recording solution perfect for administrative hearing rooms, boardroom meetings, portable depositions, and much more.


You have a busy work life.  Whether you need to interview potential employees, question witnesses & suspects, or conduct clinical assessments, you need a recording system that can keep up with your demands.  Handheld systems work for limited situations and small spaces, but what if you need to capture audio for more than one person? Do you have a way to identify who's speaking on your recordings?  Can you make out what's being said when multiple people are talking at the same time?  With our Core Line solution, Nimble, you can.

High Quality Portable Design

Our USB Audio Interface is about the size of a cell phone, so it can easily be packed in your laptop bag or a purse.  The sleek metallic outer casing will help protect your device should it get rattled around during travel.

Multichannel Audio

One-on-one conversations are somewhat simple to record, but add two or three more people to the conversation and you might have a hard time identifying who's speaking.  Set up a microphone for each speaker and record them all individually.

Visual Recording Indicators

Our NimbleMics are equipped with LED lights to signify various stages of the recording process.  Everyone will know when the recording starts and which mics are muted to ensure everyone is that needs to be recorded, is.

Feather-Touch Pushbutton

The JAVS NimbleMic is not only a standard 3.5mm T/R/R/S connector, but also features a feather-touch pushbutton to control features like mute, hold, push to talk, and more. This helps ensure that you are always in control of your recordings.

Simple Setup

Unlike other high quality portable recorders, Nimble is simple to set up and start using.  Simply plug the USB Audio interface into the computer, plug in the microphones, and record.

Portable  Meeting Recording

Super. Simple. Portable Recording.

Setting up the Nimble is a breeze.  Simply connect the included USB cable to your computer, plug in your NimbleMics and click record on your favorite ASIO-based recording software.  Want more features, like speaker identification, multi-channel recording, and the possibility to also record video as part of your file?  Ask your JAVS representative about Notewise 3.