A/V Integration

Ready to make your meetings more efficient?

Tired of taking hand written notes every time your team meets? Then it’s time to consider adding digital recording solutions to your meeting room.

By adding digital recording solutions to your office or meeting room, you can capture an accurate record of every important meeting. Digital recording solutions are catered to meet your exact needs- whether you’re looking to outfit your space with full audio and video recording or if you’re looking for a quick recording system that is easy to set up in multiple rooms or spaces, we have the solution for you.

JAVS even offers the capabilities to integrate audio and video conferencing into your meeting space. Make remote video conferencing or phone calls even easier, plus with the capabilities to record and store your conferenced meetings, you’ll have quick easy access to your records and meeting notes.

Toss out the pen and paper notes, and let’s get started

What We Offer

Tele/Video Conferencing Capabilities

Digital meetings are easier to set up and are far less costly when compared to travel expenses to gather all of your remote employees.  Our systems can integrate with popular video chat applications like Skype, or can link to other enabled JAVS systems worldwide.

Live Streaming & File Request Capabilities

As the world goes digital, more and more organizations are keeping up with the times by offering live streaming meetings.  But if someone isn't available at the time of your recording, we give you a system that can provide the full digital recording at the touch of a button.

Projectors, Displays, Touchscreens, etc.

We all know your meeting space needs monitors, projectors and more, but it's a complicated process figuring out what inputs you need and how to get everything hooked together as one system.  Let our experts do the heavy lifting for you, and let you focus on your job.

Public Address & Assistive Listening

Everyone in attendance should be able to hear exactly what you want them to.  Our systems are designed not only with public address and assistive listening capabilities, but also privacy modes that can play white or pink noise to keep private conversations private.

Voice-Activated Video Switching

Our A/V processors are the smartest in the land.  Our flagship system monitors all microphone inputs and automatically switches the video feed to focus on whoever is speaking.  This eliminates the need for one of your staff to manually switch video feeds.

Maintenance & Helpdesk Service Options

Digital A/V systems represent a huge investment of not only budgetary dollars, but commitment from your organization to provide everyone with equal access to your system.  Ensure that it always performs at the highest levels with one of our maintenance & support programs.

Digital Media Presentation Kiosk

Offering both digital and analog playback, the Presentation Kiosk has touchscreen capabilities that allow for on-screen annotations. Display images over projectors or flat screen monitors from a variety of portable devices.

Manual and Automatic Meeting Notes

Our software allows you to take manual and automatic notes directly in the recording session.  If you need to reference a certain part of your recording, simply click on the note regarding that moment and the software will automatically zoom to that point on the recording timeline.

JAVS A/V Design Team

JAVS Meeting Room A/V Design Team

We know that A/V integration is a huge investment.  Make sure that you choose the right partner to help you select and install your solution.  JAVS has been in business for over 35 years and we're the trusted provider for tens of thousands of locations across the globe.  Every system we design gets our full attention, and yours will be no different.  We'll come to you and do an on-site review of the space that you want to install your recording solution and help you determine the optimum components for your needs. 

We'll walk you through the process and make sure you are 100% comfortable with the plan before moving forward.  There is nothing "cookie-cutter" about your situation, and our in-house design team understands that.  We plan out each install that we do from scratch for the customer, so you get the most customized solution and installation available.  

P306B | JAVS Audio Interface

Capturing audio from multiple speakers can easily be done with the P306B.

Sporting six input channels, the P306B is a lightweight USB audio device perfect for providing audio to video conferencing, phone conferencing, public address, and assistive listening systems. The six input channels can be routed and mixed to any of the four output channels.

p306 audio mixer

p306 audio mixer

FlexMic | JAVS Boundary Microphone

Ideal for speech and voice applications

Offering a host of programmable software features, the FlexMic comes equipped with RGB-colored LED indicators that activate when speech is detected, so you can rest assured that the session is on the record.

Microphone patterns include: Omni-Directional, Sub-Cardioid, Cardioid, Super-Cardioid, Hyper-Cardioid, and Bi-Directional

Our Dealer Network

We're proud to partner with these, and other, fine dealers to distribute, install and support our A/V solutions and products.