The Importance of a Digital Record

The Importance of a Digital Record

“If you get video, you do not only get a perfect record, which you don’t get with any other system, […]

The 2020 Courtroom AV Checklist

JAVS 2020 Digital AV Checklist for Courtrooms

Each technology brings new features and enhancements, starting from a digital HD platform is the first step needed in your courtroom’s AV architecture.

Centro-HDX High Definition Video Switching

Top 3 Reasons to Have an HD Courtroom

HD is the standard. All commercially available monitors are already HD capable and in the 16:9 aspect ratio.

courtroom transcription

Is the national court reporter shortage affecting your transcription business?

We certainly hope not. But if you find yourself turning away jobs because you simply cannot get enough stenographers to […]

What your court reporters may not be telling you about digital court AV systems

A quick check of the online news and you will find several current stories about the court reporter shortage in […]

A Court Administrator’s Personal Perspective – The use of audio/video technology in the courts

– By Shelly Knopf As the Jefferson Circuit Court Administrator in Louisville, Kentucky, I worked daily with 13 criminal and […]

Top 3 benefits of courtroom video conferencing systems:

Benefit #3 – Courtroom video conferencing saves money Do you know how much your justice system spends on transporting inmates […]

Integrated Audio/Video Systems – Advantages

Mobile phones and small recording devices might work for capturing a meeting or deposition outside of the office or courtroom, […]