Next Level Audio/Video Integration

As courts have begun to embrace audio/video integration in their courtroom solutions, JAVS is able to extend these capabilities to the Recorder Deck. While the Recorder Deck has no physical video inputs, licensed software activations and compatible HDMI/HD-SDI to USB adapters can be added to introduce up to two video channels into the Recorder Deck for recording and basic video routing purposes.

Whether you are already using soft conferencing or looking to add hybrid functionality to your court, JAVS Recorder Deck is the easiest way to continue to make a record and ensure all participants can see and hear one another with crystal clarity.


  • Low-Cost hybrid courtroom system
  • Integrates with Zoom,  Cisco WebEx, Zoom and more
  • Voice announcements can be broadcast to remote participants
  • File saving HD recording formats for 360P. 720P, 1080P

Read the 2022 Digital AV Checklist for more info on what is important for a superior AV set-up.

The JAVS Recorder Deck PRO Set-Up

JAVS Recorder Deck PRO is simple enough for DIY installation and setup with standard CAT 5 cabling. Are you wanting to integrate video conferencing, public address, and assistive listening systems?  We can provide professional design and installation services.