Moving Forward with VIQ NetScribe

“We are excited to partner with VIQ Solutions to bring this cutting-edge technology to the court and legal industry” said JAVS CTO Brian Green. “Our mission has always been to provide the most reliable and efficient recording and AV equipment to capture the verbatim record for the courts. This partnership is a major step towards expanding our mission, by providing automated draft transcripts of courtroom proceedings, saving legal professionals time, and improving accessibility of information for all interested parties.”

With the JAVS and VIQ Solutions partnership, court professionals can expect an expedited transcript of courtroom proceedings, creating a searchable draft enabling faster decision-making. This partnership will make it easier for courtroom professionals to focus on what they do best – providing access to justice.

Read more on this partnership - VIQ Solutions' Press Release 2023

About VIQ Solutions

VIQ Solutions is a leading global provider of secure, AI-driven digital voice and video capture technology solutions. The company specialized in transforming audio and video content into valuable, searchable data, enabling organizations to improve productivity, compliance, and efficiency in various industries. VIQ Solutions catered to sectors such as law enforcement, legal, insurance, media, healthcare, and corporate enterprises, offering innovative software and services designed to streamline data management and analysis.

One of the key strengths of VIQ Solutions was its advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Their software can automatically transcribe and analyze vast amounts of audio and video recordings, providing accurate, real-time insights and generating valuable metadata. This functionality proved invaluable for legal professionals, as it helped with transcription services, evidence analysis, and court reporting, saving time and resources while enhancing accuracy.

Transform Transcription with AI & Automation

Enhance your productivity with VIQ's NetScribe transcription platform, offering complete visibility throughout the transcription process - from dictation to document distribution.

  • Advanced speech-to-text, aiAssist™, enables rapid, accurate transcription of multi-speaker recordings, into formatted FirstDraft™ documents for faster review and editing.
  • Automate job assignment and simplify document formatting for faster turnaround times.
  • Split lengthy, multi-channel recordings into segments to distribute to multiple typists, then seamlessly reintegrate into comprehensive transcripts.
  • Effortless reporting and status views provide insights to prioritize work more effectively.
  • Ensure confidentiality with industry-proven security protocols for managing access to your data.

Learn how a U.S. Judicial District improved productivity to eliminate strain on limited court resources with VIQ.