Footage from JAVS system in Lexington, KY

Remote Arraignment, Parole, and Misconduct Hearings

Any time an inmate leaves the confines of a jail or prison, the risk factor for everyone involved goes up. Inmate transport for court appearances and parole hearings are a potentially dangerous situation for guards, court personnel, and the inmates themselves.  These transports also present an abundance of challenges, on top of the already significant safety issues, such as paperwork requirements, added security and logistics planning, as well as fleet costs for jailers around the world.   

"We saved a lot of staff hours by not having 2 officers offsite driving to, during and driving back from the monthly parole hearing site an hour away. Transporting from 1-10 inmates each parole hearing. Less escape, staffing or medical risks  by remaining in the jail...The money spent for the system could easily be justified . Reducing transportation costs, staff time off site and increased security by keeping inmates in the jail."

- Joe Blue, Hopkins County Jailer (Ret.)



Courtroom outbursts can be a traumatic situation for everyone involved.  Since inmates do not need to be physically present for a simple hearing, they can see, hear and participate in the proceedings remotely, without the need to leave the jail or prison. 

This increases the safety for the officers that monitor the inmates, the judge and court staff, as well as the general public in attendance. 


Not only does video conferencing cut back on the cost of physical transportation, but also on the wear and tear on vehicles, and fuel cost. 

Officers will spend less time on inmate security and transport and be able to focus more on their overall job functions.


When an inmate needs to make an appearance for a 10 – 15 minute hearing, there are hours of planning and execution that go into getting that person to the courthouse. 

Now, multiple inmates from multiple locations can be seen and processed efficiently without the need for extra holding cells in the courtrooms.

JAVS Courtroom Video Conferencing Solutions in Action

These videos show the final audio/video record created with JAVS Premier Line hardware and software.  The JAVS Centro AV Processor recognizes which microphone is picking up the voice of the person speaking and automatically switches the video feed to capture that person.  This creates a smooth "edited-look" with the final video.

*Warning: Explicit Language