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Conferencing Made Simple

In today's Covid-19 challenged courtrooms, meeting spaces, and council rooms conferencing solutions are a must.  Sure, it's easy enough to bring in a television or monitor and set it in front of one person to allow them to communicate with a remote inmate, expert witness, general participant, etc. - but what about those in attendance?  Can they hear the conversation?  Can they see the expressions and non-verbal communication of the person on the other end of the conversation?

Traditionally, conferencing solutions that solve these issues have required a significant budget allocation to install, and in most cases, require a second set of microphones to be placed around the room to allow everyone to be heard by the remote party.  We're changing this model.  JAVS has come up with a simple, cost-effective solution that allows you to natively integrate free conferencing solutions like Skype into an existing JAVS system.  No need for extra microphones, extra speakers, or costly software subscriptions.


With its simple USB connection the P412 is the optimal choice for providing audio for video conferencing, phone conferencing, public address, and assistive listening systems.

P412 supports up to 12 input channels and 12 output channels giving you more options for your A/V needs. Want to use a Skype connection without feedback? P412 can be configured for that. The 12 input channels can be routed and mixed to any of the 12 output channels.

P412 - Courtroom Conferencing

P412 Teleconferencing Features

12 Discreet Recording Channels

Know who is talking.  Each of the 12 inputs on the P412 is recorded as a separate channel in your recording software.  This not only allows you to have a visual indicator of which person is speaking at any time, but it also allows you to mute channels on playback to clearly hear what an individual is saying, even when people talk over one another. 

12 Independent Output Channels

Every input channel can be assigned its own output channel, or you can assign multiple record channels to a single output channel.  There are a vast number of scenarios and setups that individual courtrooms need.  We've designed the P412 to accommodate for as many different scenarios as possible.  Contact us today to speak to a sales representative.

Audio Routing

Each input on the P412 can be routed to a customized output channel.  So, while you are getting your 12 recording channels on your stenographer's computer, you can output all 12 channels to a single source for recording, assistive listening system, judges chambers, overflow rooms, and more.

Microphone Control Options

When paired with our FlexMic, you have even more control over how your courtroom captures audio.  You can change the individual microphone pattern (omni-directional, cardioid, etc.), Feather-touch pushbutton controls (push to mute, hold to mute, etc.), as well as enable or disable the record, mute, talk, disconnected, privacy, and global mute indicators on each microphones.

Dual USB Connectivity

Need to connect two computers, a computer and a hardware recorder? No problem dual usb outputs give you the flexibility to add the components you need in order to flesh out your ideal setup.  Have questions about what setup might be right for you?  No problem.  We offer complimentary technology assessments to help you decide what you do, and what you don't, need.

Centralized Control

The P412 allows a user to sit at a single workstation and change attributes of any FlexMic that is connected to it.  Not only does this save you time and energy, but the settings can be changed on the fly if needed, so that important proceedings are not interrupted by the need to stop and change out settings on the microphone itself. 

How Simple is "Simple?"

Just install the drivers for the JAVS P412 device, install Skype (or any other soft conferencing software on your computer) and hook it up to the P412 via USB cable.  When you click on the options for your conferencing solution, select "JAVS P412" as your input and output device.  It's that easy.  You can also carry on your conferences knowing that the P412 has mix/minus capabilities built in as well.  Have you ever started speaking during a conference and heard your own voice coming out of your speakers with a slight delay?  Mix/minus eliminates this feedback all together, so you know when you speak, you won't have to talk over yourself on your end.

The P412 works with any ASIO compatible recording software, but we recommend using it along side our recording software, Notewise, for the best performance, options, and customization.

court videoconferencing

Mix Minus Capabilities

Have you ever been on a conferencing call, and had a hard time talking because you can hear yourself coming through the speakers on the other end of the conversation?  What's worse is that it's on a delay because the microphone on the other end is picking up your voice from the speakers and feeding it back to you at a bit of a delay.  It's maddening. 

That's where mix minus capabilities come in.  We've built this function into the P412 so that when your voice comes out of the speakers on the other side of the conversation, it's automatically mixed out of what comes back to you on your end.  Enjoy a higher-quality conference with JAVS P412 processor.