Effective courtroom communication starts with clear and reliable microphone placement. Our team of AV experts meticulously analyzes every corner of your courtroom to ensure optimal coverage. From the judge's bench to witness stands and jury boxes, we strategically place microphones to guarantee that every word spoken is captured with utmost clarity and precision. By employing our JAVS FlexMics, which offer 6 configurable polar patterns and LED indicators, and considering the unique acoustics of your space, we deliver an audio environment that enhances the transparency and effectiveness of legal proceedings.

Capture every moment with our strategic camera placements tailored for courtroom environments. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all critical areas, whether it's the judge's bench, counsel tables, witness stands, or a wide shot of the entire courtroom, receive precise video coverage. We understand the importance of visual clarity in legal proceedings, whether for recording evidentiary presentations or in recent years, situations that rely on remote capabilities. Our JC-23 HD cameras and video switching solutions are meticulously positioned to provide clear visibility and detail, supporting the accurate documentation and dissemination of courtroom activities.

Beyond microphones, cameras, recorders and switchers, our integrated AV solutions encompass every facet of audiovisual technology essential to your courtroom's operation. We seamlessly integrate evidence presentation systems, ensuring that exhibits are displayed clearly and effectively to judge, jury, and counsel. Our solutions also encompass robust sound reinforcement systems, designed to maintain clear communication throughout the room, even in challenging acoustic environments. By harmonizing these components, we create a cohesive AV ecosystem that enhances the overall courtroom experience for all participants and facilitates the efficient administration of justice.