JAVS Centro Audio Processor

This audio processor manages the audio inputs during a digital recording session and encompasses all the software and hardware needed to maintain a complete record. There’s no need for expensive pan/tilt/zoom cameras, and no need for a person to operate equipment aside from assuring the system is on. Capture a natural, smooth A/V recording that captures not only what was said, but body language and tone as well. With additional capabilities including evidence presentation, video conferencing, public address, and assistive listening, Centro is a scalable solution ideal for any courtroom, conference room, interrogation room or similar setting.

Automatic Audio Mixer:

Centro boasts an intelligent automatic audio mixer that recognizes and immediately adjusts gain when transitioning between different microphones. No more worrying about sudden noises disrupting your recordings – Centro ensures a seamless audio experience.

Video Switching:

When paired with JAVS Centro HDX automated HD video switching happens when audio is detected on any attached audio inputs, and the corresponding HD video input is automatically selected.  This smart feature ensures that your video captures the most important moments effortlessly.

Private Mode:

Sometimes, private conversations are essential. Centro offers a dedicated Private Mode, allowing you to mute all public audio and video outputs with just a touch of a button. Need extra privacy? Centro can even add white noise to the mix, ensuring your confidential discussions remain discreet.

Scalability & Configuration:

Whether you have a small-scale setup or a complex multi-input environment, Centro has you covered. It accommodates up to 18 audio inputs, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of recording scenarios. With flexible configuration options, Centro adapts to your specific needs, ensuring you have the tools to capture your content with precision.

Justice AV Solutions' Centro Audio Processor offers a seamless and cost-effective solution for managing your audio and video recordings. Experience the future of A/V processing and take your recordings to the next level with Centro. Upgrade your recording setup today and see the difference for yourself.