High-Definition Video Switching & Routing

Centro accessories built for new and existing Centro systems. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your Centro High-Definition video switching.


The JAVS MPA, or Centro Microphone Pre Amplifier Adaptor can be used for adding microphones or low output audio sources to a JAVS P306 audio mixer. This adaptor can be used for conventional micro-phone (balanced or unbalanced). It uses a 3-pin mini XLR, 3 pin block terminal header connector or standard RJ45 connector for the input. The pre-amp does not allow record lighting or push to mute functionality. The amplifier allows for a +10, 20, 30, or 40 dB boost to the incoming audio. If necessary - internal phantom power can be disconnected. Internal circuit provides microphone failure detection signal.

• Standard 3 pin mini XLR-F connector
• 3 positions block terminal header 3.81mm
• RJ45 connector Output

Standard RJ45 connector, this connection needs to be a pin to pin connection with the mixer. The current recommendation for this connection is EIA\TIA 568B Standards.

The Attenuation Adaptor can be used to match the audio levels of different devices to ensure compatibility. It offers fixed attenuation  of 0, -30, -40, -50 dB. JAVS offers 2 versions of the ATT Pro; JAV-ATTPRO-RJ45 is a RJ45 to 3 pin phoenix connector while JAV-ATTPRO-PHX is a phoenix to phoenix connector. Both attenuators have gal-vanically isolated Input /Output.

JM-11 Flex Microphone Combiner
The Centro Microphone expander*/combiner can be used to connect multiple microphones to a single microphone input on the Centro.  This accessory can be used if there is a need for greater number of microphones, or if multiple microphones are used in any one particular area of a room.

*Note: Using the expander limits the functionality of the JAVS FlexMic.