Experience professional AV integration and recording with search, playback and distribution capabilities.

Whether your need is capturing departmental reports at a city council meeting or recording a professor’s lecture, JAVS has the solutions you need to make it happen.

Our systems are customized and designed to fit your needs. After a site visit, our dedicated service team will help determine exactly what your room needs—from number of mics and their placement to camera positioning and control areas.

As a professor, you’ll no longer be tethered to a podium, and council members can all be heard with our custom designed and strategically placed FlexMics. Let JAVS help you capture the full session with our tailored solutions.

Video: Brian Green, Chief Operations Officer (and former VP of Operations) at JAVS talks about how our AV integrated systems and components are designed.

Our Features

Small rooms to large lecture halls. We have the audio recording solutions to capture your important moments.

HD Audio Capture

Handheld systems can't record audio for anything more than a small group in close proximity, and you usually get what you pay for in audio quality.  Our systems are specifically designed for your space, so you know you're getting top quality coverage and sound capture every time you click "record."

Speaker Identification

Each microphone is recorded as its own channel in our software, so you can visually identify which microphone is capturing audio throughout your recording.  This allows you to assign microphones to individuals during your sessions and clearly see who's speaking throughout your recordings.

Visual Indicators

Everyone in the room will know when the recording has started.  Our microphones are equipped with high-visibility LED lights that indicate various states and stages of the recording process.  Colors and indications can be changed in our software to create a fully customized visual indication setup.

Microphone Patterns

The JAVS FlexMic is a high-quality boundary microphone offering a host of programmable features.  Easily switch between six different mic patterns including Omni-Directional, Sub-Cardioid, Cardioid, Super-Cardioid, Hyper-Cardioid, and Bi-Directional to create a custom recording environment.

Timestamp Annotations

Never worry about trying to find a certain section of your recordings again.  Our software allows you to take real time notes, and automatically timestamps them.  So, when you're reviewing your records, simply click a note and the software will jump right to that point in the recording.  It's as simple as that.

Scalable Technology

Want to start relatively small with your recording equipment and add to the system later?  No problem.  Our solutions are designed to be scaled up at any point without the need to completely replace existing hardware.  Our solutions team will be with you during the entire upgrade process.

Conferencing Solutions

JAVS conferencing solutions can be designed to fit your exact room needs.  Whether your need involves software-based conferencing solutions utilizing Skype, Google Hangouts, to fully installed, hardware-based systems that provide secure point to point communication, we can help you.

Media Presentation Kiosks

Do you have the need to present media from laptops, DVD or Blu-Ray, mobile devices, and other 3rd party devices while annotating in real-time?  Our media presentation kiosks provide the ability to display countless different media sources to your room AV system.  We can also digitally record it all.

Digital Storage & Sharing

JAVS digital AV solutions allow you to not only capture what happens in your next meeting or proceeding, but to store, and even share your captured media with whoever you choose.  Simple export options allow you to either send a standard media file, or publish it to a website for public consumption.

P306B | JAVS Audio Interface

Capturing audio from multiple speakers can easily be done with the P306B.

Sporting six input channels, the P306B is a lightweight USB audio device perfect for providing audio to video conferencing, phone conferencing, public address, and assistive listening systems. The six input channels can be routed and mixed to any of the four output channels.

p306 audio mixer
p306 audio mixer

FlexMic | JAVS Boundary Microphone

Ideal for speech and voice applications

Offering a host of programmable software features, the FlexMic comes equipped with RGB-colored LED indicators that activate when speech is detected, so you can rest assured that the session is on the record.

Microphone patterns include: Omni-Directional, Sub-Cardioid, Cardioid, Super-Cardioid, Hyper-Cardioid, and Bi-Directional

Suite 8 | JAVS Audio/Video Management Software

A software audio/video recording solution easily adapted for any recording scenario.

The JAVS Suite 8 software package encompasses all of the user-friendly software required to create, manage, review, and publish the complete, permanent record of typical meeting scenarios.


Suite 8 AutoLog 8 Software

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