When considering a recording device to capture and store your Audio/Video recordings you have the option of choosing a software recorder or a hardware recorder. While a software recorder might be ideal for lecture halls or small hearing rooms, the experts at JAVS have found that a hardware recorder is a better solution for large courtrooms who host an abundance of proceedings or longer hearings and here’s why we believe that.

Your recordings are more secure.

Hardware recorders are often stored in a secure rack that is out of plain sight. When confidential records of your meetings or proceedings are saved directly to the hardware recorder, no one can access those records like they might be able to from a computer. Hardware recorders allow you to avoid the risk of your laptop being compromised. With a software recorder, you might take your laptop into the meeting room or courtroom and any time the laptop is left unattended, there is a risk of that files can be accessed.

Not susceptible to email or internet born viruses.

PCs and laptops have multiple functions and, without your knowledge, can be affected by a virus through spam email or unsecured websites. Web-based viruses compromise the integrity and security of your laptop or PC and can lead to corrupted files. Because hardware recorders serve one purpose, storing AV recordings, and they are not connected to an email account or open-web internet explorer, there is little risk that a web virus can corrupt your files. As an added precaution, JAVS Recorder 7, comes pre-loaded with anti-virus protection to ensure your files are protected.

More room for storing large recordings and files.

Software recorders can offer a limited amount of storage space before you must transfer your files to an outside drive for permanent saving. However, because hardware recorders only store your AV recordings, and no other information, there is a much larger storage capacity for your records. In fact, JAVS Recorder 7 boasts 4,000 hours of AV recording space. Our recording solutions come with an archiving system, Bookshelf 7, that allows you to automatically or manually archive your recordings so that users can easily find any record later.

Take the workload off your PC or laptop.

PCs and laptops host a variety of different tasks and often have multiple applications running simultaneously.  Capturing a complete AV record is a huge task for any system and hardware recorders are designed specifically to manage the large workload. There’s no worry of the system being bogged down from too many applications running or the recorder running slow; the only function and purpose for the hardware recorder is to capture and store your records.

Want to learn more about the benefits of hardware recorders and to see if this is the right fit for your courtroom? Let’s chat.

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