Video Conferencing capabilities are key to creating a modern courtroom and meeting room.

Through utilizing video conferencing in your meeting spaces, you can execute smooth, efficient meetings through JAVS Video Conferencing solutions.

Have you considered upgrading your video conferencing to an in-house system to create efficiencies in your meeting area or courtroom? With JAVS video conferencing solutions, you not only have the confidence of knowing that your conferencing system will work on every occasion, but you have full control of the system and can manage your own meeting or arraignment schedules. As an added bonus, our video conferencing solutions are easy to use. Your staff can be trained to operate our simple system, which means there’s no need for a specialized dedicated staff member to operate video conferencing.

In courtrooms, video conferencing allows you to video conference to jails or detention centers, without having to transport inmates for appearances, arraignments, or other judicial interactions. JAVS Video Conferencing system allows the audio and video outputs to be played for all participants in the courtroom. This means that the judge, lawyers and prosecutors can all see the video arraignment and hear what the defendant is saying. You may also be considering video conferencing for remote interpretation.  Our experts can work with you to walk you through what you need and how it can best be integrated into your situation.

In addition, our video conference systems can be enclosed in a tamper-resistant casing, so they’re great for placing in rooms where you might need to perform an arraignment session or need added security. There are even specific features that allow your staff to safely operate the video conferencing system.

In any situation, video conferencing can shave a substantial cost off your budget. By reducing time associated with travel and transportation of inmates or other parties to and from hearings or meetings, video conferencing offers a lower cost and helps increase the efficiency of your processes.

The JAVS Centro AV Processor comes equipped with extra inputs specifically for Video Conferencing. Through this product integration, you can ensure that the video record of your meetings is captured verbatim and stored permanently with the audio record. Offering a complete digital AV record of any meeting or courtroom proceeding.

As a dedicated technology partner, we understand the needs for every courtroom or meeting space is different. That’s why we’re happy to offer scalable AV solutions that can be tailored to fit your exact needs. We’re happy to offer a free technology consultation to learn more about your specific needs. We also employ a professional design team to create the digital solution that is perfect for you! Sign up for your technology consultation today.


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