Complete your digital record by including evidence and media. 

As technologies continue advancing there are news means of keeping records and notes for important meetings and proceedings. The new-age, permanent record has  transformed to become a blend of digital audio/video recording , media presentation, and cloud-based storage.

At JAVS, we offer the full solution for capturing the record and creating an efficient process of holding hearings or meetings.

Our expert engineers and design teams have worked to develop a media presentation cart that is perfect for presenting digital media in any courtroom or meeting room.

Our presentation system offers a true plug and play experience. Media or audio can easily be displayed to flat screen  televisions or projectors throughout the room with a simple connection cord. Because the system is controlled by a touch screen monitor, you can easily switch presentation inputs as new media needs to be displayed or presenters change.

The touch screen annotations allow you to control the presentation system from anywhere in the room. The control screen can be mounted and wired to the presentation cart, or there is a wireless option that allows other participants to control the presentation system.

If you plan to present audio files, the presentation system comes equipped with built-in speakers for stand-alone playback, but can also be routed to the room’s PA system for a broader listening experience.

A notable feature of our digital presentation system is it’s inclusion to the record. When media is presented, the JAVS AV processor will save it as a part of the permanent record.  By having this feature, you’re able to have your full AV and evidence record captured in one place for review and distribution.


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