Sleek, professional microphones, tailored to meet your needs.

JAVS prides itself in being able to offer our clients a complete AV recording systems, beginning with detailed planning of their custom solution and down to the installation. While our recording solutions are designed to integrate with third-party microphones to allow for a fully customized solution, we always recommend that our clients consider the superior JAVS FlexMic to capture their audio. JAVS FlexMics are professionally engineered and assembled at the JAVS headquarters in Louisville, KY.

Our most advanced audio capture device, FlexMic, is a professional boundary microphone offering a wide selection of software programmable features, controlled through any JAVS AV processor.

FlexMic is simple to connect, using one CAT5/6 cable to provide audio, power, and to send and receive information via the JAVS AV processor. In some cases, third-party microphones can take up to 3 cables to connect for audio, control, and power, to accomplish the same functionality that is built into every JAVS JM-14 FlexMic.

FlexMic captures the spoken word in high-definition. Equipped with built-in DSP and MEMS technologies, our FlexMic combined with a JAVS audio processor, can minimize any background sounds from the room to ensure that only the spoken word is captured. Because we utilize MEMS technologies in our microphones, the microphones are better protected to eliminate electromagnetic interferences.

With the MEMS technology, JAVS FlexMics can guarantee that your desired Polar Pattern is achieved.  Our microphones can be programmed to 6 different Polar Patterns and each can be programmed to best fit the specific job of that microphone. These Polar Patterns include:

  • Bidirectional
  • Hypercardioid
  • Supercardioid
  • Cardioid
  • Subcardioid
  • Omnidirectional

Traditionally, microphones are setup locally, requiring much human interaction and leaving room for error. JAVS FlexMics are programmed remotely, through our AV recording software, and can easily be adjusted.   Each JAVS FlexMic to be programmed with its own specific traits and functionalities. Because the microphone is programmed individually, you can fully customize the characteristics of the microphone. The customization options include various microphone patterns, RGB-colored LED light indicators, and feather-touch pushbuttons. Each of these options are programmed remotely, from the microphone, and are managed through profiles in JAVS software.

Microphone light indicators can indicate 6 different states: Record Off, Record On, Private, Disabled, Mute On, Push-to-talk, and Record Error. RGB-colored LED lights can be displayed for any of these states and can be programmed specifically for each microphone throughout the room. This provides an easy way to see what state each microphone is in during a proceeding . In many courtrooms, system administrators choose not to use LED lights to show microphone recordings at the witness or defendant tables, to ensure that all parties are speaking freely. However, they will use LED lights indicate if there is an error that has occurred so that it can be quickly corrected and proceedings can continue without interruption.

With the feather-touch pushbutton, you can program each individual microphone so that it can, or cannot, be controlled by the participants. Settings for the pushbuttons include push to talk, push or hold to talk, or push to mute.

Because of the JAVS FlexMic’s advanced design, transcribing recordings is much easier and more efficient.  JAVS systems record participants on multiple audio channels using microphones strategically placed around the court room. When participants are recorded on individual channels, it is much easier for a transcriber to go back and listen to the individual channels to ensure the verbatim words are transcribed. Even if multiple participants are speaking at once, it is easy to identify one speaker on their channel and only listen to their voice.

JAVS FlexMics are specifically designed to work with the JAVS AV processors and audio mixing devices. Together, these systems create the ultimate solution for capturing a digital, verbatim record in any courtroom or meeting room

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