There’s a common misconception that to have video recording in your courtroom or meeting room, that you must have a dedicated person to operate the equipment at all times to achieve a high quality digital video record.

Once you click record, JAVS digital recording systems take care of the rest

With JAVS solutions, our professional quality, unmanned JC-19HD digtal cameras  work directly with the Centro audio/video processor to manage video switching!

What is video switching, you might ask?

Video switching is the automatic change of recording cameras when speech is detected on the microphone that has been assigned to that camera. Our products are each designed to work in harmony ensuring that a smooth, natural record is captured, not only preserving the spoken word but including any body language or events that happen in the room.

How do JAVS audio video systems work?

Once you choose JAVS solution, our design team will work with you to create the perfect solution for your courtroom or meeting room. They will identify the proper number of microphones and cameras, and will locate their proper placement to capture the most accurate record.

Each hardware setting is managed through our AV recording software, JAVS Configuration Tool, with different modes to fit your needs. When your microphones and cameras are installed, you will be able to decide which unique characteristics should be assigned to each of your recording modes. You will have the option to assign a video camera to each microphone, throughout the room. Doing this ensures that when speech is detected on a microphone, the cameras switch to record that specific participant.  In many cases, clients also choose to dedicate a camera to an overall room view, this allows them to have a full view of the room, when necessary.

When the Centro processes the camera switching into the record it stitches together a flawless video record. Solid mount cameras focus on the individual participants, eliminating the need for room scanning equipment and in turn, creating a complete record.

Why is voice-activated video switching important?

With advancements in today’s record keeping, it’s pertinent to have a video record of proceedings or meetings. This captures a participant’s actions, making for a more well-rounded playback experience.

You also have freedom from standing behind the cameras to operate them. Pan, zoom, and tilt cameras with an operator are a thing of the past and are unneeded in a world with clear, crisp, JAVS video record.

By integrating an AV system that includes video switching, you will have the convenience of having an audio record that matches, verbatim, to the video record.

Plus, with JAVS solutions, we can scale our AV recording options to fit your needs. So, whether you’re looking to add digital recording to your entire meeting room or if you have a smaller meeting room, we have options to fit exactly what you need. Our team is here to help you select the product line that is best for your and is there to help you every step of the way. You can read more about video recording options in Julie Helling’s white paper, Capturing the Best Courtroom Video: A Comparison of Camera Set-Ups.

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