AV technology is advancing every day, and there is no shortage of new and amazing components on the market.  How do you know if your courtroom AV system is keeping up with the times, or failing the technology-dependent public you serve?

Here are some clues that it might be time to partner with an AV Technology Consultant to assess your current situation, and plan for a technology upgrade.

You have a “kludge”

In the AV world, a kludge refers to an ill-assorted collection of parts assembled to fulfill some purpose. This typically occurs when incremental technology updates are made as an effort to fulfill an immediate need. New pieces of technology are brought in one-by-one and added to existing or outdated technology. In this case, the solutions all have their own user interfaces and become cumbersome for the end user to efficiently use. Read more about the dreaded AV Kluge.

You have a hard time finding compatible solutions

You may be experiencing what is called Analog Sunset. Analog Sunset refers to a time when audio/video elements no longer work with modern digital equipment. As incremental updates are made to technology and piece-by-piece solutions are put together, you will find that dated systems no longer connect or work correctly with modern solutions.

If the media is anything other than VCR or DVD and your system can’t support it

When considering evidence and media presentation, presenters and litigants are now utilizing multiple forms of media in their cases including body cams, security video footage, physical evidence, Blu-Ray, cellphones, digital images and more. Analog presentation systems are not capable of integrating and displaying the variety of media being utilized. In addition, changing presenters and projecting the evidence to the room becomes a very daunting task by having to move wires around, change connections, controllers, etc. Sure, you can add adapters and plug-ins to make your analog system compatible with new technology as the situations arise. But, be careful, you could be heading towards a kludge.

If your presentation, teleconferencing, or video conferencing solutions are slow to load

If your presentations or video conferencing are slow to load, or your displays take a few knocks to get going or require unplugging and plugging in order to work, then you should consider upgrading your systems. Unusually distorted images or audio and delays in video synchronization are clear signs that the system is nearing its end of life.

If sound is a problem in the courtroom or in the recordings

Do you find yourself asking participants to speak louder not only so their voice can be heard by everyone in the courtroom, but so you can ensure their voice is clearly captured on the record?

When reviewing audio records from an analog system, you might notice that participants voices are hard to hear due to increase background noises or feedback that is captured on the record. Having a distorted audio recording can lead to difficulties in transcription and provides an inaccurate record.

When judges and lawyers are having private conversations it’s important that those conversations remain off the record. Is your existing audio system able drop white noise over the gallery to ensure those conversations remain confidential?

If you are experiencing any of these difficulties with your audio system then it is time to consider an upgraded solution for your courtroom.

Partner with the experts in AV solutions

Upgrading your entire technology system offers a simple, easy-to-use-solution that can work for years on end and is compatible with new technologies as they become available.

As feature sets for digital AV and recording expand, it’s important to have a technology solution in place that will work with and support these new features, so that your courtroom or meeting room can take advantage of the new capabilities.

With advancements in visual solutions, you can now have larger screens that offer a higher definition display making viewing presented media or video conferences much easier for all participants.

JAVS Evidence and Media Presentation Cart offer a true plug and play experience. The connections are compatible with any media source or cellphone for easy presentation. Plus, touch screen displays make presenting media to a large group even easier. JAVS Evidence and Media Presentation Cart not only makes your presentation smoother, but it will also capture the media as a part of your permanent record, keeping all your information for a meeting or proceeding in one place.

When considering updated audio technology, like JAVS FlexMics, come with a host of features that give you the confidence in knowing that a clear and accurate record is captured. For example, LED light indicators located on the base of the microphone will indicate if the system is recording, muted, or if an error has occurred. Also, the MEMs technology helps to cancel out background noises, like construction or air blowing, so that you only record clear voices.

Want to learn more about upgrading your technology, courtroom recording, tele/video conferencing or are you ready to start planning for the future of your courtroom or meeting room? Let us know. We’re happy to help you every step of the way.

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