Theresa DaSilva
VP of Marketing & Products
Louisville, KY (January 25, 2017) – Court personnel in the Allen Superior Court in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, court system will soon have their hands on some of the most advanced court-recording technology around. Earlier this month, the JAVS Premier Line of audio/video recording equipment was installed in one of its newly expanded and remodeled courtrooms. The equipment and the included software captures an official verbatim record of court proceedings.
"We were impressed with the high quality of the audio capture and wanted to continue using JAVS. Thankfully, the Supreme Court agreed to purchase the original system installation and provide grant assistance enabling us to expand our capability," Jeff Leffers, Director of Court Operations for Allen Superior Courts said. Previously the court used networked FTR recording software.
The new system, a product of Louisville-based Justice AV Solutions, will place the court among the nation’s most elite when it comes to court-specific audio/video recording. JAVS systems can be found in more than 10,000 courtrooms throughout the US as well as in many African and Asian countries. The use of the recording systems has saved Kentucky courts, for example, an estimated $19.4 million per year.
“We strive for a court environment that provides significant accessibility, convenience, and efficiency for all hearing/trial participants—the judicial officer, court reporter, jurors, witnesses, parties, bailiffs, etc.— in a safe and secure environment,” Leffers said.
“This partnership is significant in that it shows that Allen Superior Court of Ft. Wayne believes that the JAVS solution is the way of the future,” Lee Cecil, Senior Regional Sales Manager for JAVS said. “It shows other surrounding counties that this is a viable option and the most complete solution in moving toward an A/V courtroom.”
Court officials are anxious to put the system to use. Once they have fully mastered the use of the system in their courts, they plan to invite other judges, attorneys, and court officials to visit the courtroom to see the new system in action.
“This will be a tremendous opportunity for the rest of the state of Indiana to see what JAVS can do,” Cecil said.
About Justice AV Solutions: JAVS, headquartered in Louisville, KY, is the global leader in digital courtroom recording solutions integrated in over 10,000 courtrooms throughout the U.S. and across four continents. Pioneering tomorrow’s justice system for more than 35 years, clients across the world have trusted the JAVS solution to accurately capture, store, and publish the official verbatim record of the court. The solutions encompass not only recording, but also every aspect of the proceedings. From public address to remote arraignment to open source access, JAVS promotes truth and accuracy by preserving future histories. Learn more at

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