Effective Use of Digital Recording Technology in the Legal System - Issue IV

Savings and Satisfaction: Making the Video Court Record in Kentucky

JAVS Perspective Series - Issue IV

Like court systems everywhere, the Kentucky Court of Justice struggled in the early 1980s with the usual suspects--"growing caseloads, excessive delays, tight budgets, and increasing costs for litigants."

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Driven by economic need and the large backlog of getting court records made into written transcripts, the state judicial Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) reached out to local technology experts Justice AV Solutions (known at that time as Jefferson Audio Video Systems, Inc.) for a better way.

The solution came in the form of an automated audio video courtroom recording system designed jointly by the AOC and JAVS “that would automatically switch the microphones and the cameras to the person speaking and would not require an operator, except to turn the system on and off.”

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Savings & Satisfaction:
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